Welcome to CTB Creatives!

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First and foremost, I am a photographeralways have been, always will be.  I specialize in lifestyle portraits, you know, families, maternity, newborn, headshots, engagement, etc, but I also LOVE fine art travel photography

I am a digital artist.  I have always craved being a painter but could never find the medium and tools that felt right...until Apple invented a pencil!  Being a digital artist allows me the freedom to truly do what feels right in the moment without any restrictions.  My work has a dualism to it that I feel mimics my personality.  It is abstract and free with elements of control and realism.  I sell small prints in the shop and one of a kind commissions. You can also wear my art on silk scarves and pocket squares!

I am a sketch artist.  This is a new, but very exciting one for me.  I had a friend approach me a few months ago and asked if I could sketch a photo of her husband and son for Father's Day.  I told her I wasn't sure but I would give it a shot... turns out I could! I loved sketching so much that I ended up making one for all the men in my family.  I truly love being able to create something so timeless and intimate.   

I am a graphic designer.  This is one that I fell into out of frustration.  Constantly wanting very specific invitations, decor, or signage for an event but never finding exactly what I wanted so I took some classes online and figured out how to do it.  I take a limited number of custom design projects a year for wedding suites, logos, party invites, and digital/print ads.  

Other things you will find here... Well, I have a blog.  Still figuring it out and as of now it has a bunch of really random old posts, a few photo sessions, and some posts with things that I love.  I am planning to post more of these "my favorite things" blogs soon.  I really enjoy seeing things that other people like and I like to help spread the word for other companies (especially small businesses) that are doing it right!