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Today is my sweet love, Mike's birthday - 33 years young! I am so lucky and blessed to be able to wake up next to this man everyday. He is truly my best friend, soulmate, and partner in crime. People ask me all the time what it feels like to know you have found "the one" and my answer is always the same - you feel at home. M and I love traveling and adventures more than I can begin to tell you, but no matter where we are in the world, I always feel at home when we are together. To me that is love.

Speaking of traveling, M just took me on a 2 week adventure through Europe! I was the trip of a lifetime!

So in honor of Mike and our love of travel, I want to dedicate this post to my TOP 4 travel photo tips!

When we travel, I never care about shopping (except in Brugges 😏) or bringing home a souvenir, to me the best souvenir I could have is a beautiful wall-worthy photo that reminds me of where we have been. You don't need a big expensive camera to take a amazing photo either. Some of my best and favorite photos were taken with my iPhone and a little patience. Let the tips begin!

1. Again, patience.

I took this photo in Jamaica for my 30th bday. We had been sitting on the beach for a while and I noticed the sun was starting to set right in front of us. I knew immediately that it was going to make for a beautiful image. There were people and horses that had been walking by us all day so I just waited. I sat camera ready for about an hour very patiently waiting for the perfect moment when the stars aligned. Then snap! If I had not had to patience to sit and wait for the right moment, this and many of my other photos would not have happened. While I know patience isn't always possible, especially when traveling, if can practice it I promise it will be worth your time.

2. Play with angles and composition

This applies to all photography! Composition is crazy important and can make or break a photo. In this image, taken on the streets of Paris, if I had taken it straight on it would have had an entirely different feel. By slightly turning the camera to capture the wall and stairs, it gives that photo a sense of depth and as if you are witnessing a private moment in this mans life. It also give the photo more texture which is very important. My tip here is when you see something that you think is beautiful and you decide you want to take the photo, do it. Then take a another of the same subject but offset your main subject. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

3. Light! Ahhhhhh!

Light can be your best friend or your worst enemy when photographing. Always take note of where the light is coming from and how you can use it to your benefit. Again, patience comes into play with this tip too. For example in the photo above we where at the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands and the park was about to close. I saw this "river" of indigo flowers and immediately starting shooting and then hated every image that I was taking. I quickly realized that sun was not where I needed it to be. So I walked around a bit, took some other photos and let the sun do its thing. About half an hour later I went back to this spot and had it just where I needed it!

4. When in doubt, take another photo (or 10)

People are always asking me "how do you always get the perfect shot?" The answer is simple: statistics. The more photos you take, the better your chances of capturing your perfect image. I cannot even tell you how many shots I have from Prada Marfa! I was on a solo road trip across the country and made a 2 hour detour just to see/photograph this building. I was only at this spot for about 30 minutes, but I took as many photos as I possibly could at every angle I could think of. I knew I would probably never come back to this spot again in my life so I had to get a great image! This is usually the case with travel photos. You go to a place once and unless you REALLY love it you probably will not go back again, simply because there are too many other places in the world to see. So don't be afraid to take an absurd about of photos. I promise you this, you will only regret the photo you didn't take.

I hope these tips help and inspire you to take your own amazing travel photos! I would love to see them when you do! Feel free to tag or PM on insta to share your work or for other tips and suggestions. Happy shooting!