Freebie Friday!

Yahooooo!!! It's the 1st FREEBIE FRIDAY! As a thank you to my wonderful followers, I would like to share some designs with you! On random Fridays (I'll try to do 2/month, no promises though 😉) I will upload designs that I have created for you to use as you wish. They might be organizational tools, party stuff, t-shirt designs, and other fun templates.

Today I want share with you my travel prep list! As summer is in full swing, I hope that this prep tool comes in handy for you. I use it for all my trips and not only does it keep me super organized but I also love to save it to use when I scrapbook a trip. It's is a fun reminder of details of the trip that I might not otherwise remember.

I was inspired to share this with you today as I was filling it out for my upcoming trip to Chicago on Sunday and thought I want EVERYONE to be able to use this!

So without further adieu...... Here it is! You can download a high-res version HERE

Tip: I like to print this on card stock as I always end up taking notes on the back and I love the sturdiness of a good card stock.

Personally, I love these colors, but if you are not a fan and would really like to use this prep list but with your favorite colors, please let me know. I would be happy to change them for you. :)

Wishing you all a summer of happy and safe travels!!