The Catalysts of Growth

Happy Monday, everyone! (It always makes me laugh when people say that because it's like "Really? How happy are you that it is Monday?" haha)

Anyway, with every Monday comes the start to a new week and a chance to do things better than the week before. I like to think of each Monday as a mini New Years Day. Instead of getting a case of the Monday's and counting the minutes until the dreaded day is over, I like to set aside some time to reflect on the past week's successes and failures and to make new resolutions for the current and future weeks. I think it is extremely important to constantly evaluate and evolve through your life and the choices you make - to take that hour every Monday to really think about what is working for you and what isn't in both your personal and professional life.

Many people get so caught up in always wanting to do things the "right" way or are such uber perfectionists, that they forget the importance of failing. Failure and mistakes are the catalysts of growth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with failure as long as you grant yourself the time and energy to understand why you failed and to figure out how to not make the same mistake again.

The only instance when failure is not ok is when you continually make the same mistakes yet expect a different outcome. I believe Einstein called this insanity.

So, in honor of sanity this Monday morning, I wanted to share with you my method of organization, reflection, and evolution. It is called The Bullet Journal. Now, I have always been one to LOVE list making, but this is NOT your ordinary "to-do" list - it is SO much more!

The great thing about a bullet journal is that you can completely adapt it to what you need it to be or what you want it to look like. You can make as straightforward and simple or as creative and whimsical as you want. I am not going to go into all the details of how to bullet, the link above will take you through all the steps in an easy to follow video. I will tell you a few things that I do differently and that have worked for me though.

1. The journal you pick is very important! You want it to be something you can easily take with you, something you like the look of and something easy to write in. I actually started my bullet journal in one notebook and transferred it to another book that I found that I liked better. This notebook will become an extension of you, so trust me, you are going to want to LOVE it.

My husband and I both use a Leuchtturm1917 and couldn't be happier! I use the dotted pages, but he prefers blank pages - both work great!

2. As I said before, you can make this whatever you want it to be. Don't feel like you have to use all the exact same symbols or layout that the video above shows you. You should use the tools and techniques that feel natural to you. For example, I love having a weekly list. That works well for me. The original bullet method does not use a weekly list so I just added one myself. Back to the whole Monday resolution thing - this weekly list this where I am able to evaluate what did not work or did not get completed the previous week and decide the changes I will make for the present week. From there I am better able to break it all down into daily tasks.

Head to Pinterest and search Bullet Journals. Allow yourself to become inspired by the methods of others and figure out what works for you.

3. Again, as I said earlier, this is not just a "to-do" list. One of the beauties of the Bullet journal is that it flows, motivates, and inspires. Let's say you have a whole list of tasks that you want to complete on a particular day, but instead something else comes up and you do not get any of the tasks done that you had written down. That is OK! Instead of feeling discouraged because you were not able to check off any of you boxes, you simply write down the things you did get accomplished that day. Even if it is something as simple as "Got distracted and read a whole book" or "Ran 3 miles" or "Planned next month's vacation". While your boss may not totally love these things, they are still something to be celebrated and remembered.

I hope this is a good dose of Monday Motivation for you! If you have any questions or need any suggestions on Bullet Journaling, please don't hesitate to ask!