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    Freebie Friday

    YAAAHOOOO! It's FREEBIE FRIDAY y'all and this week I am inspired by the 4th of July! 🇺🇸

    I was trying to think of something I could give y'all that was festive and patriotic, but I was having a hard time thinking of a useful printable item that everyone might want. I then starting thinking about the meaning of the 4th of July AKA Independence Day. It's not just a day to enjoy hotdogs and beer and fireworks. It is so much more than that. Some could argue that it is the most important holiday that we, as Americans, celebrate.

    In case you don't know the real meaning of Independence Day, here is a brief history lesson. 📔

    The Fourth of July is our country's birthday - July 4, 1776. That was the day our country's founders declared independence from Great Britain by signing the Declaration of Independence - a letter to King George that had been written on July 2 by Thomas Jefferson. It was a formal explanation of why the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Great Britain.

    By signing the Declaration, this meant the colonists would no longer follow the orders of Britain's king. To do this was extremely dangerous. At the time, Britain had one of the world's strongest armies, and to go against the king was a crime punishable by death. But the king's laws were unfair, so our founders decided it was worth the risk of war to win the freedom to govern themselves. In 1783, the new United States won that war!

    So this honor of Independence Day, I urge you to think about those that have fought and that continue to fight so that we can be free! I ask that you take the time to let our troops and veterans know how thankful you are for their sacrifice and bravery.

    Here are 6 fun and patriotic templates for you to print out and use to write a quick note of gratitude! It would only take a few moments of your time but would mean the world to the solider who receives it.

    You can send your letter to A Million Thanks at the address below. A Million Thanks is a wonderful organization that provides support and appreciation to our active and veteran military men and women through sending letters and granting betterment of life wishes, as well as providing higher education scholarships to their children.

    Speaking of children, this would be a great activity to do with your children or grandchildren. Encourage them to write their own letter or draw a picture. It's never to early to learn about the importance of gratitude, bravery, and freedom!

    See below for a few letter writing do's and don'ts from the A Million Thanks website and here is the address where you can send your letter(s).

    A Million Thanks

    17853 Santiago Blvd.


    Villa Park, CA 92861

    If you have any questions about downloading the templates or writing your letter please don't hesitate to ask. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and of course festive 4th of July!