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    As if we weren't addicted enough already...

    ... I thought I would share with you 3 more reasons to use your phone. 😂

    Yes, I totally believe in the importance of disconnecting and watching your amount of "screen time", but these apps I am about to tell you about really are worth the screen time!

    Aside from the obvious ones - FB, Insta, Waze, Spotify, etc - these are my top 3 phone apps (iPad and comp are for another day) that I'm obsessed with right now.

    1. yoga wake up

    I figured I should start with the one I use first every single day. This app is a serious game changer if you are someone like me that presses snooze 300 times before finally dragging yourself out of bed. Now this is not to say that I am not a morning person, because I totally am and kill life between the hours of 8-12, but getting myself to the point in which the killing of life can commence is a feat in itself - my bed is just SOOOO comfy!

    I have tried so many methods to getting myself out of bed that it is ridiculous! I have even resorted to begging my husband to pour coffee down my throat while my alarm is going off 😳. That def was not the safest or cleanest method and not sure why I thought it would actually work.

    Here is the description:

    "Ever wanted a more peaceful and effective way of waking up your mind and body? Us too! We believe that waking up should leave you motivated and excited to start your day, which is why we developed Yoga Wake Up. The app makes waking up in the morning something to look forward to. No need to snooze! You don’t even need to be a huge yoga junkie! Yoga Wake Up is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted an easier way to get out of bed or couch...we don't judge! Even early risers can benefit from the soothing sound of a yogi's voice paired with a peaceful rhythm easing you into light stretching, morning meditation and guiding you to set your intention for the day."

    So let me just give you a personal example of how amazing this is. Yesterday, I woke up to a peaceful song and a soothing voice telling me "Good morning beautiful, time to wiggle your fingers and toes". I was then prompted to do some light stretching in bed, take some deep breaths and set my intention for the day. Sounds nice, right?? Is this too soothing for you? Well this morning I woke up to "Dance Party"- enough said- I won't spoil it for you, but let me tell you, I popped right out of bed with the biggest smile on my face that has yet to fade!

    2. SafeTrek

    So thankfully I have not actually had to use this app yet, but it makes me feel so good to have it on my phone. I keep it on the 1st page where it is easily accessible. What is it? Well, it's basically a personal alarm system.

    I stumbled across it one night when my husband was traveling. I was

    asleep at home, alone, and my dog started barking in the middle of the night. Well naturally my mind started racing to every single scenario that could possibly happen while I was trying to plan my escape routes for when the murderer that I was convinced was at my door busted in the house. #anxiety

    Anyways, I started googling all kinds of things like "fog horn app to scare off robber", "what to do when your husband is out of town and your dog is barking" - you know totally normal things. Well during one of my searches I found this app and downloaded it immediately.

    Here is the description:

    "Have you ever been in a situation where you question whether it’s dangerous enough to call 911? Instead of worrying yourself with indecision, use SafeTrek. SafeTrek uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the release of a button. It can be used in moments where you simply feel unsafe, as well as moments where you need immediate emergency help. Here’s how simple it is: Press and hold the button whenever you feel uneasy. Release the button when you have reached your home, car, or a safe destination and enter your 4-digit pin. In danger? Simply release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location and emergency."

    👆🏻This is exactly why I bought the app!

    It really is so simple! I love knowing that when the hubs is out of town or if I am walking somewhere by myself that with the simple click of a button help is on it's way, should I need it.

    This app does cost $2.99/month but I think thats a very small price to pay for safety and peace of mind!

    3. Snapseed

    Enough said? 👇🏻

    As a photographer that travels ALL the time, I can't/don't always have access to Lightroom and Photoshop, so this is my go-to, on-the-go photo editing app! I have literally tried EVERY photo editing app there is and think this one takes the cake when it comes to quality of edits and ease of use.

    Here is the description:

    "Make every photo extraordinary with Snapseed. Snapseed provides the precision and control of professional photo editing software, in the palm of your hand. Advanced edits that once required a desktop computer, costly software, and hours of editing work can now be done in an instant on a phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

    Features like a non-destructive editing workflow and the ability to selectively apply edits with brushes, masks, and control points make Snapseed a mobile editor like none other. And with the intelligent perspective transform and spot healing, even a quick snapshot from a cell phone can be perfected to become a work of art.

    Snapseed works with your phone camera shots as well as images from DSLRs, compact cameras, and more, on both Android and iOS platforms."

    Yes there may be more powerful apps than this one, but when you are on the go and need quick but beautiful edits, Snapseed is the way to go.


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